Ten reasons why Custom Application Development is common in USA

The technology development has ensured software for a business across industries. Bu then, does the software capture all the details of all the processes of the business in question. To start with the business owners or entrepreneurs’ use the software to facilitate the most time consuming and/or critical process of the business.

Then, when the convenience of the software sets in they feel the need to expand the software applicability to the next most time consuming process and so on. Only to ensure they have sufficient time to focus on customer satisfaction. But, customer satisfaction is a mantra of yesterday years. Now the new mantra is customer convenience with the promise of customer satisfaction of the product or service practised and perfected over years.

The preceding paragraphs justify the need or demand for Custom Mobile Application Development. This demand in USA has engaged most if not all Mobile Application Developers.

1. The cost of software
The software from the big names in the industry charges you an arm and a leg and another arm too if possible. This exorbitant cost is not affordable by many enthusiastic business owners aspiring to make it big by delivering customer convenience. These aspiring business owners are always on the lookout for affordable software that can capture all the details of all the processes of their business, which also comes along with their mobile version. This increases the demand for Custom Mobile Application Development, because there is always and continuous effort for process improvement to deliver customer convenience and make it big.

2. Incompatible apps
Although all most all businesses have software for their respective processes across industries along with their mobile version, but it is not always true that the mobile versions are compatible with all smart phones. Because, all smart phones do not have the same operating system or the same version of the operating system. Hence, the mobile apps need to be compatible across all operating systems which demands Custom Mobile Application development.

3. All-encompassing apps
The software made for a business is made with the concept to capture all most all the processes and make the entire business sail smooth. The mobile versions of the same software need not have all those features. But, it is necessary to view the features of the app from the point of view of the customer or target audience. This will require those features that will be convenient for the customer to use the app and be satisfied with the purchase or use of service offered. Since customer convenience is the now the key to success in any business, this creates a continuous demand for Custom Mobile Application Development to satisfy evolving needs of happy customers.

4. Secure and user-friendly apps
Initially the idea of e-commerce was out rightly rejected thinking it was a scam, but then this was proved to be wrong to a large extent. Although all most all the apps are sufficiently safe but, there are still cases reported and heard of scams. Since these scam artists are always coming up with new methods to play a scam. It becomes imperative to continuously upgrade these mobile apps to keep them secure. Upgrading the mobile app also should be hassles free and when auto-update of an app happens it should not leave the customer in the dark. Since it is imperative to upgrade the app and still keep it simple and user-friendly Custom Mobile Application Development is also a continuous process.

5. Abreast apps
The idea of buying software for a business is to make it convenient for the business owner to save time. That saved time is usually utilised in enjoying the free time which eventually results in new business improvement ideas. The implementation of these new business improvement ideas will eventually need new features in the software. These new features in the software should also reflect in the mobile version of the software to make it convenient to run the show. This continuous evolving businesses across industries is not always a bright idea by the business owner, but many a times the demand in the market which creates an opportunity. Irrespective of the reason behind the business improvement or expansion, this will also demand new versions of the app for smart phones. Hence Custom Mobile Application Development is also a continuous process.

6. Global compatibility
Most successful businesses which are brand names have franchise around the globe, which they rightfully advertise. This begs the question; if a patron travelling wishes to use the service of the company in another country will the mobile app on the patrons’ smart phone be useful even there? The change in location, the change in currency, different culture and all that, will the same app be useful. Adding such features when the company opens a franchise to the app and more importantly maintaining its full functionality irrespective of the geographic location is imperative. This creates a demand for Custom Mobile Application Development to create apps or improvise apps to suit demands of this uniqueness.

7. All for one-One for all
First we will answer the One for all part, the approach of use of a smart phone by a housewife as compared to her husband, an executive with extensive travelling as his job description are worlds apart. And logically the different apps in each of their smart phones and/or the similar apps in each of their smart phones are based on their interests. Say for example both their smart phones are of the same model and make.
To understand and make available the apps of interest to both the users, and also make possible for these apps to talk to each other, that is different apps talking to each other. This creates a challenge to Custom make Mobile applications that are not just compatible but also dynamic.
The All for one part of this is, irrespective of the type of user, all look for convenience of using apps on their smart phones. Meeting the demand of this combined expectation need Custom Mobile Application Development.

8. Adaptable apps
There are many sites and also freely available maps to use. But then if the location changes you will have to download the map of that location. There are so many people who keep travelling all the time. Downloading so many maps will take away all the memory on their smart phone. An app that auto-downloads and replaces the existing map on the smart phone will be so convenient. If this is a continuous process, that the smart phone downloads and replaces the maps every time the location changes. The unique need of such users demands Custom Mobile Application Development.

9. Sharable apps
Every place has a strong network of a specific service provider and some apps work better or more efficiently in specific network. Now everyone everywhere is sharing all types of data. What if two people want to share some data and the app on one person’s phone is not as compatible with the network. If the apps were sharable, that is, one person has an app and just by selecting the option to share app the other person also gets that app on his/her smart phone. Convenient options like these create a challenging opportunity to create Custom Mobile Applications.

10. Self-declaring apps
Many a times we download apps for a specific purpose and it is sitting silently in the smart phone but occupying memory. If with all it features of all convenience it also had a feature that reminds the owner of the period of time it is not used. The memory it is occupying and the options of other apps available depending on the use method of the smart phone. Creating such intelligent apps is Custom Mobile Application Development, and this is the need of the hour.

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