Listen to your customers, they will tell you all about Custom Application Development

Software is developed for a business based on the requirement charted out by the business owner. The software is generally developed with the idea of capturing all the details of the processes of the business across industry. But, seldom all the details of the processes are captured in the software, there will be corner areas grey areas which are not clear and the business owners tend to ignore them, or keep it aside for the next version and so on.

It is the people who are involved in executing the business process, who feel the need of that feature which will make the entire process sail smooth. Or even if the software when made captured all the details of the process, the need to improvise the process to meet the demands of running the business, this improvised business idea will create a void in the software as these new details in the business process are not captured.

These and many more reasons contribute to raise or create a demand for Custom Application Development. Definitely, listening to the customers is a fantastic idea for creating custom applications. But then who is a customer???

It is not always necessary that the person or that representative of a company is the customer; these are customers for bookkeeping and practical purposes. A customer is one who is also the end-user of the application. This person actually operates all the features of the application to ensure the entire business process is sailing smooth.

These end-users or customers are everywhere, the preceding paragraphs explain where and how customers provide their valuable feedback for Custom Application Development.

1. Become the customer
The application developer creates a wonderful application using all the inputs given as requirement. But, are these requirements from the point of view of the person who actually has to use it. As an application developer put yourself in the shoes of the person who has to actually use it, then it will suddenly dawn upon you that this application has many gaps or can be better. Becoming that person who has to actually use the application that is becoming the customer is one of the best ways for Custom Application Development.

2. Being curious
To develop any application one of the criterions is ‘user-friendly application’. A user-friendly application is easy to navigate, easy to use, easy to understand and all that. But, is it serving the purpose, is it universally applicable, because every person have their own way of doing things so it is difficult to create a universally applicable application.
The curiosity of knowing the feedback, or the grievance or anything that speaks of the performing potential and the possible improvement is one of the best ways for Custom Application Development.

3. Be a good listener
Even that person who is most dedicated to work, has to take a break, travel to and from office, have lunch, go out, long story short has to meet other people or be among people.
More often than not, it will be surprising, when you listen to people and their grievances’ at all that they face at work, the struggle and all that. They are actually showering you with ideas for improvement, it is not necessary that you have to be a part of the conversation. Being attentive with your sharp listening skills is enough, ideas pour from all sides. This is one of the best ways for Custom Application Development.

4. Make someone’s life easy
Everyone who is struggling to use an application that could be better does not complain, or even talk about it. Under the assumption that the available application is the best they could get, they continue to struggle and even get used to it. In any possible, unthought-of situation you as an application developer come across such situation, observe them and you will be able to understand the process they are handling and possibly the details of the process. Then you have sufficient information to create an application that will suit best. This is one of the best ways for Custom Application Development.

5. Ask questions
Generally the requirement for an application is given as pointers, rather than stepwise process. This definitely gives enough information to form an idea of what the resulting application should be. But then if the business process or the purpose of the application is given as a detailed flowchart of the process, then all the details of the process will be captured in the application. To get this detailed flow chart of the business process, you as an application developer have to ask questions. This is one of the best ways for Custom Application Development.

These are some of the methods to directly interact with the customers or indirectly get the information necessary to create an application that suits the purpose of making it. There are numerous other direct and/or indirect ways that can be implemented to listen to the voice of the customers that empower you for Custom Application Development. Taking initiative in creative thinking for ways to be able to hear your customers is the key to be fully equipped for Custom Application Development.

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