At last, the secrets of golang are revealed

After prolonged periods of using coded growth hormones to scale the already existing programming languages, we now have the answer … it is ‘golang’ also referred to ‘go’. The preceding paragraphs explain the lesser known facts of golang.

12 good go practices
Anything new, everyone including the experts in the field is a bit apprehensive at first. Then as the use and popularity increases and the new are now popular, then everyone is talking about it. So is the same with golang, and here is the best method to start with best practices that reveal the secrets of golang.

This site presented as a pdf of a fascinating presentation is an eye opener that explains the best practises to become at least familiar with golang if not an expert. Checking this out will definitely help you understand golang better.

Secrets, use golang to let others leave it alone
If at all you give a hint that you harbour a secret, then everyone wants to know about it. And you put all your efforts to keep the secret safe, the efforts to keep it safe makes it more venerable. And keeping a secret on cloud is the best among all the herculean tasks.

Mark Sutton at has explained an easy to follow and comprehensive method to keep all the secrets as secrets using golang.

Go experts to go to
It is a wonderful trait to be a leader, among the first to adapt to something new. But then, even those leaders need a path to follow or a reference to follow only to ensure they are in the right direction and on the right track. So the question is where to look for you find your north star to follow for golang.

This site enlists a few golang experts and a few more just in case to follow. The list is exhaustive to ensure that you find a few or at least one to follow. And by following your favourite golang expert, it is possible you come to reveal a few secrets of golang yourself.

And one more to follow are at this group of developers have been and are using golang since its birth, and are now among the experts on the subject.

Go developers guide
To explain and reveal the secrets of golang, what could be a better resource than the developers guide itself? To be a leader it is just sufficient to follow your chosen north star, but if with that there is a road map too. Would it not be wonderful to learn all the secrets the path has in store to reveal?

The developers guide at may not be sufficient for the already experts, but it is more than asked for, for those who are experts in the making. This developer’s guide has many secrets in store for you to follow, understand and reveal the secrets of golang.One other place to reach out to, to follow, understands the secret of golang is .

King golang’s treasure
Oooh yes! Everyone attempting to do or rather follow something new have a ton of questions. But the bigger question is who to ask, where to find answers, and if the source is of an expert calibre.

This site , is a treasure of all most all if not all the questions asked. You will definitely find a few if not all the questions you asked yourself.

These sites have a ton of information on golang. In this galaxy of information and more stars of the galaxy on the net, you will definitely find the answer you are looking for which you assume to be the secret of golang. If in case you have travelled the galaxy and did not find what you were looking for then come home to you will definitely find one

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